• Figurative human sculpture entirely constructed from glass

    Mauro Bonaventura is the creator and maker of his works which come alive in an inextricable fusion of form, technique, and material.

  • The works generated by the hands of Pino Signoretto and Mauro Bonaventura are the result of a collaboration based on an exceptional understanding between the two artists.

  • Like the roots of a tree, the veins of the blood system, or the axons of nerve cells, the infinite glass tendrils expand in space, clearly defining that land of infinite possibilities and contradictions that is our mind as well as art.

  • The bodies twisted and trapped amidst the glassy tendrils communicate a sense of powerlessness and alienation compared to the perpetually changing reality that instead would like to constantly equal itself.

  • The mind is a sacred space, transparent and infinite, as opposed to the body that, with its physicality and therefore its finitude, clearly defines the profane counterpart of human beings.


    Mauro Bonaventura's "BRONZE" holds a magical universe of dreams, secrets and mysteries.

  • Mauro Bonaventura's "sphere" holds a magical universe of dreams, secrets and mysteries.

    Each one of his masterpieces lead us to listen to our inner self.


Via Rossetto, 7 - 30172 Mestre, Venice. Italy

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