The works generated by the hands of Pino Signoretto and Mauro Bonaventura are the result of a collaboration based on an exceptional understanding between the two artists.

One could even define them as a pas de deux, were it not that each of them works on different phases and in different ways.
The combination of two techniques, applied at the highest level of artistry, do not necessarily guarantee the success of a creative process. A fundamental condition remains the perfect harmony of intent that has led here to the creation of glass sculptures in which the sculptural form perfected by Signoretto remains imprisoned inside a shining and transparent, yet constraining, vitreous net, made by Bonaventura.
An exhibition created from Mauro Bonaventura and Pino signoretto on year 2005.



Via Rossetto, 7 - 30172 Mestre, Venice. Italy

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