Figurative human sculpture entirely constructed from glass

Mauro Bonaventura is the creator and maker of his works which come alive in an inextricable fusion of form, technique, and material.

Only glass, shiny and transparent, is capable of being fashioned into a shimmering reticulation of twisted strands that gain substance from color but above all from the reflections of light. In this game of solids and voids, light defines complex, extremely exact structures.

They elicit ambivalent feelings: is one to be disturbed by a troubling situation of physical or mental coercion in which humans struggle in vain against an unknown force or to smile before this jocular spectacle? What is certain, however, is that these elaborate constructions demand exceptional artisanal commitment, the result not only of a sophisticated dexterity but also of a study of how glass reacts when softened by fire and manipulated. Once it would have been unthinkable to imagine such bold constructions using lampworking; the goal of the craftsman using this technique was to create miniatures that were to be admired from up close, often with the aid of a magnifying glass. The growth of studio glass in recent times has accustomed us to a boldness, a desire to rise above the limitations traditionally imposed on artists by selected glass techniques. And Mauro Bonaventura shares this spirit of today fully.



Via Rossetto, 7 - 30172 Mestre, Venice. Italy

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