Like the roots of a tree, the veins of the blood system or the axons of nerve cells, the infinite glass tendrils expand into space, clearly defining that land of infinite possibilities and contradictions that is our mind and art.

Image module

The wall.  Multitransparent

cm 70 x 16.5 x 54

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Iron transparent tower.

cm 114 x 29 x 22

Image module

Multicolor Human Tower

cm 80 x 24 x 22

Image module

Blue Tower.

cm 94 X 22 X 25

Image module

The wall, grey/amethyst.

cm 39x50x10

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Full red wall.

cm 39x43x11

Image module

The wall. Clear

cm 50 X 44 X 13

Image module

The wall. Black.

cm 59 x 45 x 16

Image module

Multicolor human world.

Diameter cm 35

Image module


cm 50 x 50 x 15

Image module

The wall (multi)

cm 44x38x13

Image module

The wall. Multicolor.

cm 51 x 20 x 8.5

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