In vitro humanitas

Born in Venice in 1965, Mauro Bonaventura graduated inelectronics in 1983 and, immediatelyafterwards, by pure chance, started workingas an apprentice in a Venetian glassworks,where he became passionate about the artof glassmaking, learning glassblowing anddecoration techniques…


The bodies twisted and trapped between the glassy tendrils communicate a sense of helplessness and alienation with respect to the ever-changing reality that would like to be constantly equaled.


Figurative human sculpture entirely made of glass. Only glass, glossy and transparent, can be molded into a glittering network of interwoven threads that acquire substance from the color but above all from the reflections of light. They arouse ambivalent feelings: can one be disturbed by a worrying situation of physical or mental coercion in which humans struggle in vain against an unknown force or smile at this playful spectacle?


Mauro Bonaventura’s “sphere” contains a magical universe of dreams, secrets and mysteries. Each of his masterpieces takes us on a tour of the inner self.


Like the roots of a tree, the veins of the blood system or the axons of nerve cells, the infinite glass tendrils expand into space, clearly defining that land of infinite possibilities and contradictions that is our mind and art.


The mind is a sacred, transparent and infinite space, unlike the body which, with its physicality and therefore its finitude, clearly defines the profane counterpart of human beings.

Pas de Deux

The works generated by the hands of Pino Signoretto and Mauro Bonaventura are the result of a collaboration based on an exceptional understanding between the two artists. A fundamental condition remains the perfect harmony of intent that led here to the creation of glass sculptures in which the sculptural form perfected by Signoretto remains imprisoned within a shiny, transparent, yet binding, vitreous net made by Bonaventura.


“BRONZO” by Mauro Bonaventura contains a magical universe of dreams, secrets and mysteries.

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